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A brief overview of our current licensing offer. 

Brand Licensing Europe show in London. Booth P50

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TVBOY is the artistic name and the brand created by Salvatore, an Italian artist who started painting in the streets of Milan in 1996.

Modern Icons is a line that started from TVBOY's urban-art works and his latest exhibition canvases. This line portrays famous stars and historical and political figures by giving them an artistic treatment and transforming them with irony and a bit of sarcasm.

By creating a mash-up between two different people and historical periods, TVBOY creates images, which are funny and attractive as well as, pungent, cynical and politically incorrect.

TVBOY's Pop Art collection includes classic Pop Art imagery with a contemporary twist. Salvatore is always up to date with the latest Urban vibes and translates this into his work.

The licensing program for TVBOY is developing well with apparel, calendars, mobile & tablet accessories, back to school in Italy and gifts & smoking accessories across Europe.   

Age of Dragons

Breath Some Fire into Your Product Offer!

"The best known and most popular fantasy creature is the dragon, with worldwide accounts throughout history and appearances in countless fantasy stories and films. I have always been fascinated by these majestic mythical beasts and painted them many times in my art. In my new range Age of Dragons, I imagine a world where dragons are real. Like a naturalist cataloguing the various species of animals in our world, Age of Dragons brings together a collection of different dragon species with Latin names, descriptions, sizes, habitats, eggs, young, flight patterns, fire breathing abilities and of course lots of illustrations. There are endless possibilities to add new species, along with accompanying artefacts and motifs, to extend the range." 

Statement by the artist Anne Stokes.

Our Anne Stokes Collection

Come and meet the artist Anne Stokes, one of the world's most well known fantasy artists, at the BLE show on the Tuesday in our booth. 

Anne Stokes licensing program continues to grow across a variety of categories on a worldwide scale.

Unicorns, Dragons, Realms of Fantasy, Fairies and many other Gothic and Fantasy themes make up the Anne Stokes licensing collection. The style-guide includes patterns, elements and different edits of her amazing artwork for product application.

Check out Anne Stokes' Facebook with over 300K fans!

Pets Rock New Look Characters

New look Pets Rock® characters, now full length, are a great addition to the style guide, opening up a lot of creative possibilities. Partnering different characters and placing them in different settings results in some very attractive commercial designs.

Pets Rock continues to add new licensees to the offer of “more fun than fame” based on popular culture in History, Cinema and Music, where pets meet celebrity and pop culture goes mad. From rappers to royalty, pop stars to film, characters, world leaders to fashion designers, no famous face is safe from their pet counterpart.

Big focus on France this autumn for Pets Rock products now in store in the large retailers as well as independents. Gifts and home ware products across France in Carrefour, among others. Men and boy's nightwear and slippers for the whole family, in store AW 2016.

In addition, the Pets Rock® book has just been launched by Carlton Books, a great gift and coffee table item. Featuring over 60 unique characters and hilarious 'outtake' photos as the 'stars' prepare for camera, Pets Rock® takes you on a barking mad tour of pop culture from a pet's point of view. 

Brandalised - The World's Most Famous Graffiti Artist

Brandalised is an urban graffiti license with high visibility and recognition.

A collection of artworks and photographs of Banksy graffiti, the world’s most famous graffiti artist.

A variety of licensees are targeting the trendy demographic with Brandalised licensed products: T’s, sweatshirts, tank tops, mobile accessories, gadgets, calendars, gaming themes and stationery.

The licensing program is growing steadily for Brandalised and new graffiti artworks are continuously incorporated.

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