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Exclusive Lifestyle Licenses

The Advantage of Non-Entertainment Brands

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Buyers are Looking for 

Something Different

Based on recent feedback and insight from licensees in various categories, we understand that retailers and buyers are looking for something different in licensed products.

Their aim is to differentiate themselves from their competitors by moving away from the same product offer and competing for the same sales.

Regular entertainment licensees are searching out alternatives within lifestyle licensing properties to better provide their customers and achieve solid long-term sales.

Here some more details on lifestyle licensing and working with Art Ask Agency.

Why Take a Non-Entertainment License?

Let's start with the basic advantages:

  • Competitive edge by differentiating
  • No release date time constraints
  • Wide target audience of consumers
  • Buyers are requesting alternatives
  • Long-term solid sales
  • Global/Multi-territory rights
  • Fast and effective process
  • Commercially minded agents and brand owners

Working with Art Ask Agency

Art Ask Agency has been established for 19 years with professionals in the licensing business since 1990.

We pride ourselves in our long-term licensee partners and brand owners alike. Many licensees have agreements that are over 10 years old and continue to be successful. A number of licensees also have multi-license agreements with us.

When it comes to contracts and approvals, we are fast, flexible, effective and commercially minded, as are our brand owners.

We are also quick and reactive on approving additional sales opportunities proposed by licensees with the aim to capture these and smooth the way to product delivery.

We have a developed understanding of product application, striving for the best, most desirable product possible for consumers.

We have experience and understand what licensees need to be successful.

Our licensees are vocal about their experience of working with us:

"Fastest approval ever!"

"Working with your agency makes licensing easy. A new experience."

"I didn't know licensing could be like this."

"Your understanding of our business needs is very refreshing."

What about the Licenses themselves?

Innovate. Stand out. Be exclusive. Be distinctive. 

Offer something new and alternative to entertainment licenses. Avoid competing with similar entertainment brands in the same genre.

Lifestyle licenses don't rely on film release dates, TV ratings or toy release dates. They have solid fans and followers who identify with the license and want to buy into the lifestyle.

In addition, there is no finite time the license is valid for. Licensees can grow with the brand and follow real lifestyle trends with wide target audiences both in age and gender.

Sales Opportunities

The possibility to have global or multi-territory rights for sales is often possible, unlike entertainment licenses. A big advantage considering today's channels of distribution and fast changing markets.

Solid steady sales long-term. More effective investment in product development and marketing. Only building.

Here some of our Top Licenses

Being a dynamic agency, there will be more licenses to come in the near future. 

Get in touch and find out more.

Get in touch for more information or to book an appointment. Maria & Kirsty

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