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Ginger&Bread - Global Appeal

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Ginger&Bread by Lannoo Graphics

Enjoy Every Moment!

Inspired by life, travel and nature, Ginger&Bread takes you to a place of daydreams, summer vibes and positive feelings. Pure joy!

Surround yourself with positive vibes: love today, love tomorrow, love Ginger&Bread.

Lannoo Graphics are leaders in their category of back to school products and have developed the Ginger&Bread license with the added value of tried and tested commercialised products in many territories. With at least one new style guide creation every year and five currently available. Licensees can look forward to working with the latest collection from the Lannoo Graphics studios.

Butterfly - Summer is a State of Mind

Butterflies Style Guide - The new 2018 collection of Ginger&Bread butterflies gives you that summer, nature and camping feeling. It's sweet and girly but still bold and bright, the perfect ingredients for a classic Ginger&Bread design.

Ginger&Bread Licensing

Launched as a license only 1 year ago, Ginger&Bread has really spread it's wings. With licensees in 3 continents, South America, North America and Europe, the license has got off to a great start. 

Ginger&Bread now counts as partners: Torre - Mexico, Ravensburger - France, Sellers Publishing - USA, Mooving - Argentina, Educa Borras - Spain and more.

Puzzles, gifts, accesories, school products, calendars already developped  under license. And more to come!

Ginger&Bread Retail

With it's proven commercial track record, Ginger&Bread has been listed in some of the best retailers in Europe such as FNAC, Dreamland, Auchan, Carrefour, Karstadt, Empik, Maxima, Colruyt, AVA, Readshop, Ugglan, JB Gruppen. 


Balloon Style Guide - Travel around the world in a colourful hot air balloon and enjoy the silence, the nature and the freedom.

White Winter

White Winter Style Guide - What good is the warmth of Summer without the cold of Winter to give it sweetness.


Quotes Style Guide - Inspired by life, travel and nature Ginger&Bread takes you to a place of daydreams, summer vibes and positive feelings. Pure joy!

Summer Stories

Inspired by those summer moments, the heat, the lazy beach afternoons, travelling around in the blistering sun...


The air is crowded with birds, beautiful and tender. May the heart be open to little birds who are the secrets of life.

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